It is impossible to imagine our life without photography : it has penetrated into all areas of human activity and is based on the use of different technical means. At present, photography has become one of the most common types of fine art, although at the dawn of its existence it was perceived only as a technical innovation, because the opinion prevailed that only the man-made can be a work of art, and from the person who removed it, there was not much that depended on it.

As the development progresses, photography has become not a dispassionate mirror of the world, but an expression of the author's personal relationship to the phenomenon embodied in the picture. There were people who managed to turn a photo into art: to catch a unique moment, to choose the right composition, lighting. This choice depends on the skill and skill of the photographer, his personal preferences and tastes, which is the individual style of the master.

The technique of photography greatly simplifies and facilitates the display of reality, but the photographer makes this technical tool a means of a new artistic perception of objects in a still-life, a person in a portrait or reportage, architecture and nature in the landscape. In addition, he acts as a chronicler of the era, which places great responsibility on him.

The peculiarity of photo art is that the work of the master combines authenticity with artistic expressiveness, for example, historical photographs, as scenes of front life, combine the importance of the historical document and the tremendous emotional power. And the picture telling about the sports competition, worries us for the outcome of the fight, pleases the victory.

Before the work of a true photo master you forget that they are created with the help of technology - they have so much deep feelings, thoughts and empathy of the author. Such pictures tell about people and events in the language of true, great art.

The role of photography in the modern world
Everyone in his life used a camera. This has ceased to be a rarity and scarcity. Everyone now already has a camera, some use the usual "soapbox", others professional cameras, the third - a simple camera in the mobile phone.

Photography is of great importance in the life of every person. The language of photography can express emotions that can not be described, you can tell the story of an event, a day or even a whole family. After all, there is a moment in the photographs, which we leave in memory and carry with us in a year.

The photo is the story of life
Usually the photo captures an important moment for us, some life event. Such photographs are very important for a person, since in general they make up the history of his life.

Photo displays emotions
Photography is the so-called means of communication between people. After all, it displays all the emotions or events in the life of each of us, looking at which you immediately imagine the whole picture of events. With the help of photos, people can share their impressions of trips, holidays, some memorable moment.

With the help of photography you can fix the most beautiful and unusual places and moments that occur in nature. Through photography, you can convey a whole range of feelings and emotions. Photography is this whole life that we create ourselves and carry with us through the years.